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As a national pre-legal collections, litigation, judgment and post-judgment collections network, AACANet brings consistent results, personalized attention, accurate financial reconciliation and customized reporting.



One source for placing accounts for collection and litigation

One point of contact to communicate collections process policies, procedures and updates

Consolidated remittances and fee invoices, with detailed transaction information

Consolidated reporting

Centralized, electronic audits of accounts

Easy-to-understand access to track account information, reports and accounting transactions via Pipeway™

Dedicated staff members working to ensure the best collection performance outcomes


Protection and security of all data through-out the entire stream


AACANet offers flexibility in account treatment and account selection assistance. Many of our clients have an internal process to determine which accounts to place for legal and which to place with agency. Not all accounts are appropriate for a legal program, so AACANet helps its clients by establishing pre-screening, scoring and treatment standards to maximize the efforts through the network. AACANet will work with clients to design a placement strategy and account treatment to maximize return.




Agency Some accounts will never be suited for legal. Because of the type of account, balance or other factors certain accounts would only be worked by an agency. AACANet will help identify those accounts where an agency treatment is best and design a placement strategy with those agencies which have demonstrated a core competency for the paper. Where appropriate, AACANet will place with an agency who will manage the credit reporting of the claim.

Pre-Legal At times, it is desirable to provide a final opportunity before sending an account to legal. AACANet has developed a pre-legal strategy which includes account selection, triggers to move accounts into the legal stream and warnings to remove an account from pre-legal. Often pre-legal is beneficial to the legal strategy by saving court costs and allowing the account to resolve privately

Legal In many instances the only way to collect is through the legal system. A well-run legal program will increase the per-file return by allowing the judgment creditor to use post judgment remedies to enforce payment. AACANet assures that accounts placed into the legal stream progress to judgment and post judgment remedies are employed, unless payment is made. Each firm is expected to employ multiple post judgment asset location services and AACANet offers post judgment asset assistance as an additional service.



Client fees range from 25% to 40% depending upon factors such as the type of work strategy, state, quality and volume of placements.


AACANet insists on the highest standards when selecting law firms as service providers. Prior to receiving any placements, the firm or agency must pass an on-site inspection by an officer of AACANet. All Firms and Agencies are required to:

  • Complete a comprehensive application
  • Submit proof of proper security and compliance controls
  • Undergo a financial review
  • Demonstrate a good industry reputation
  • Receive and transmit data in an approved format
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage


AACANet establishes work standards consistent with industry-leading practices and ensures each firm and agency is in compliance with those standards. Client-specific standards are managed through a client guide provided to each firm and agency.


Files are placed with law firms and agencies that have demonstrated superior service based on key metrics, such as compliance and performance. The AACANet process focuses on client engagement, providing feedback and working closely with you on placement preferences. We do not issue exclusive territories so accounts always go to the best-qualified provider.


To ensure accounts move efficiently through the litigation process, we track files with Pipeway, our proprietary software program. Our team of Accounting Associates, Firm Managers, and Paralegals work diligently day after day, verifying files are handled in accordance with work standards. We also conduct regular reviews and audits to verify data and proper file and funds management.


With AIM, Audit Information Management, we are able to track and manage all internal and third party compliance in one location. This gives you unparalleled insight into the status of all compliance efforts, providing a complete picture of your service providers.